In the past, In Situ instrumentation has proven to be a powerful tool when assisted by a skilled technologist. This is the need: automate the function so that the potential can be achieved without the attention of a human.

There are two solutions currently offered: The first solution, "In Situ Host" provides advanced capability in real-time.

The second solution, "Data Miner", will take an existing data collection scheme, and extract a useful signal after the fact.
In Situ Host is a system for integrating residual gas analysis instruments (RGA) with system state sensors, providing an advanced process control solution (APC). Most RGA vendors have software drivers that support dynamic data exchange (DDE), such that sensor results are readily communicated to other applications. In Situ Host takes advantage of this feature.
Automated RGAs without In Situ Host (or similar systems), often result in thousands of data files a week. Extracting a useful signal from the enormous amount of data can be a challenge. Analysis products are capable of digesting very large data sets into a single summary report.