In Situ Host has the ability to analyze the test results for a multi-run period. It is often necessary to accomodate single run excursions when applying process control to contamination testing. In Situ Host has both the ability to react to the short excursion, or to apply logic that reacts when the excursion is a part of a larger trend. In this way, it is possible to be:

  1. Sensitive to problems, and
  2. Avoid frequent false alarms.
In Situ Host tracks the Median, Standard Deviation, and Maximum value for each specie and signal for each run. The analysis size is 250 runs. In addition, a fourth page for Statistical Process Control is included. This page is linked back to In Situ Host for tool interdiction. The objective is to numerically detect faults with a method consistent with process control that leads to their diagnosis and elimination.
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