These files are available for use by B.V. Technology customers. In most cases, these files will not function correctly if used by equipment from a different supplier.
Mobile Phone:
MEYE_SB_S60_3rd.sisx: for the Symbian Smart Phone Based on S60 3RD
MEYE_SB_S60_5d.sisx: for the Symbian Smart Phone Based on S60 5RD for the Windows Mobile Phone (N/A Windows Mobile 7) . (Copy the .cab file to your windows phone, then use File Explorer on the device to navigate to the cab file, tap it and the software should install to your phone.)
MEYE_Android.apk: for the Android Smart Phone
MEYE_RIM.cod:for the BlackBerry Phone
DVR Manual (PDF)
Configuring Internet Explorer for use with the DVR (.PDF)
ActiveX_v1.1.0.40 (.EXE)
Tutorial: Downloading and Converting the h.264 File (.PDF)
Video Convert Software (videoconv.exe) (.PDF)
Zip Compression/Decompression Program (Shareware) (.EXE)
IE Plugin (Sept 2011) (.exe)
IE Plugin (July 2011) (.EXE)
Video Player (.EXE)
H264 Plugins (.EXE)
Disk Player (.EXE)
HIKvision NVR:
Centralized Management System (.EXE)
Video Player (.EXE)
iPhone Mac Client
Video Player (.EXE)
SADP Tool (.EXE)
Hikvision Quick Start Guide for POE NVR (PDF)
Hikvision User Manual for POE NVR (.EXE)