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Technology continues to challenge our society in new ways. Who could have predicted the impact of satellite communications, computers, WiFi, IPOD, the Internet, or HDTV. The 21st century will almost certainly be more revolutionary than the 20th. We must adapt and grow, or we risk becoming obsolete . . . dinosaurs.

Security Camera Systems can now add an artificial intelligence feature to the system to enable more efficient use of human resources. The development has been driven by our war against terrorism, and the technology has filtered down into mainstream use.

Hospitals, businesses, government, and individuals use satellite communications for conferencing, education, internet, and system backup. For some businesses that rely on an internet connection, a satellite connection is absolutely needed to backup the land-line connection. There currently are over 600,000 satellite Internet subscribers today in North America.

With the switch to the digital TV signal by broadcasters, this is a logical time to be installing a new system. The decisions needed with HDTV are significantly more complex than the ones that were required with the standard definition TV (SDTV). The process of planning an installation includes the choice of the video module, the programming source, the audio subsystem, the system interconnects (cabling), and installation decisions like location.

B.V. Technology is an InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and a CompTIA A+ I.T. technologist. B.V. Technology serves the Industrial, Business, and Residential communities in the Southwestern United States with offices in Plano, Texas (Dallas) and Peoria, Arizona (Phoenix).
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